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At the beginning of the New Year we received news of the 3rd national lockdown in England. This pandemic is till carrying on and we have to co-exist with Covid-19 in 2021.

Today I would like to share the phrase ”一期一会” ICHIGO ICHIE (meaning: in each moment, an opportunity).

"What this means is that each meeting , everything we experience, is a unique treasure that will never be repeated in the same way again so if we let it slip away without enjoying it, the moment will be lost forever..."

- From 'The book of Ichigo Ichie' (I have received this wonderful book as a Christmas present from my lovely friend).

This is one of my favourite sayings which my aunty, who is a tea ceremony teacher, often used.

Our normal was stolen by this pandemic and it is such a difficult time for everyone, but it is so important to focus on the present and do your best in the moment. We are all born with a self-healing power inside us, but when we are worried or angry our immune strength depletes. Let's try our best to keep calm and not let our emotion swing from hope to fear. We must focus on our own health physically and mentally and be grateful for each day we have. I believe this attitude will help us through this pandemic.

As Albert Einstein once said:

'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity'




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