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What is....      Gendai Reiki

Reiki is an effective natural remedy, it is also a technique suitable for lifelong learning that enhances the quality of life. 

Reiki is a vibration of love, harmony and healing. It is a gift from the universe and an energy that after attunement, everyone can use easily. 

Reiki energy fills the Universe, and it serves us as life force energy in our body to give us a natural healing ability, immunity to resist illness, and powerful energy to live our life positively. This is why Reiki in the universe is called the energy of love, harmony, and healing. Love enables all things to live, grow and prosper, harmony lets all things coexist in an orderly manner, and healing actualises when we all resonate with the Universe. We humans are regarded as  microcosms that are part of the Universe, and we are able to live and exist by vibrating with the Universe. Reiki, the energy of love, connects us with the Universe. 

Reiki-ho starts with hand-healing techniques the goal of which is to enhance our own vibrations and prevent us from resonating with negative vibrations such as those of illness, worry, anger, or anxiety to make our lives peaceful, fruitful, and meaningful. We all have a healing power within us and Reiki enhances and activates this power to make us the best we can be.

Gendai Reiki Ho is a practical Reiki-ho which aims to create a truly peaceful life. It is based on the original ideas contained in traditional Usui Reiki, but has adopted the rational system of Western-style Reiki so that more people may practice in the midst of everyday life and thus experience the full benefits of Reiki. This includes a new way of practicing the discipline of Usui Reiki Ryo-Ho, a way which is suitable for modern day people.


The Essence of Reiki


Modern scientific studies have concluded that the entire universe consists of vibrations or waves. We, human beings, are surrounded by vibrations and are in fact, vibrations ourselves. Reiki is one of those vibrations that fill the universe. 

The existence of a mysterious energy that guides everything towards harmony has been recognised in various parts of the world since times immemorial. In Japan, this energy has been called reiki and has long been employed for healing purpose.

Reiki is the immanent manifestation of the higher dimension (the Great Universe). It is the waves of Love, Harmony and Healing and it resonates with higher human consciousness. Reiki fills the universe as pure Light and its function is to lead us to health and happiness.

Reiki is a practise which enables us to employ Reiki for the purpose of making our lives peaceful, fruitful and meaningful. reiki-ho starts with hand-healing techniques whose goal is to enhance our own vibration and prevent us from resonating with negative vibrations such as those of illness, worry, anger or anxiety.



The Eleven main Characteristics and 

 Remarkable Features of Reiki: 

1. No Hard Training is Necessary

2. Your Reiki Pathway Remains for Life

3. Your Reiki Ability Will Improve as You Use Reiki

4. It Is Not Necessary to Concentrate or Make Effort When Using Reiki

5. Reiki Does Not Give Us Negative Energy

6. You Do Not Need to Believe in Reiki (Reiki is effective regardless of your religion or your worldview.)

7. Reiki Works on Everything (Reiki is also effective in treating animals plants non-living materials space etc )

8. Reiki Offers Synergistic Effects

9. Reiki Transcends Time and Space

10. Reiki Purifies Karma and Trauma (Let go of negative energies you have held, and activate positive and            happy genetic information)

11. Reiki Improves the Quality of Life (You will be able to have a peaceful, abundant, and meaningful life)

 The four principles of Gendai Reiki:

1. Aim towards constant resonance with Reiki and follow the path to ultimate wellness and happiness.

2. Do so without any mystery, dogmatism or judgement.

3. Use the fundamental Reiki concepts and the most appropriate and effective techniques for the best results

4. Use simplified and standardised techniques and make them part of everyday life.




The motto of Gendai Reiki is 'nothing odd, nothing strange and nothing difficult.' Practice Reiki as a way to ultimate wellness and happiness.


                                      By Gendai Reiki Association Official Manual  

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