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The Wonder of a Chance Meeting

Today I had the pleasure of teaching my first client to open her journey of Gendai Reiki. It was an amazing opportunity and she inspired me in so many ways. I am ever so grateful for this day and I will remember this feeling forever as beginning of teaching so I can continue to learn and grow together with my client.

When I taught the course, I learnt a lot about Gendai Reiki myself and it was an amazing experience. I hope I can share the Fascination of Gendai Reiki as much as I did with her. We definitely came together through this wonderful chance meeting and it was meant to be. My relationship with her, will be my first light companion that I will forever treasure. I use all of my ability to provide opportunities and support for her so that she can achieve a life full of health, wellbeing and happiness with daily practice using Gendai Reiki.


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