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Self Care comes first... まずは自分を癒すこと...

It is impossible to be alone, we wish to live for or in the companionship of someone else. As humans, we seek the happiness of others and the friendship of them, often putting them before ourselves. Sometimes, too much so. I think the key to living happily together is to take responsibility for your own wellbeing first.

We need to be well grounded to face challenges and finding the positives and opportunities in everything. To be grounded, we need good vibes, serenity and harmony.

I aspire to be grounded by not being angry, not worrying, being grateful, doing what meant to do and being kind to others. This is not an easy task and I find that it is important take things day by day to achieve my long term goals. By continuously achieving this goal in everyday life, I have discovered the importance of self-care. Often we seek what can we do for others first but we need to look after ourselves to be able to show this support for one other.

So let's start self-care, let's give huge praise to ourselves.

And then we need to pay attention to our surroundings. Have a look at our environment and find lots of positivities instead of negativities, be grateful for what we have, and let's be good at praising, taking and giving compliments. Create good vibes and surround ourselves with positivity by putting yourself first, then we will be really good at taking care of others and others will influenced by us to be positive, confident and happy.



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