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Look out for each other

Last week we went to Wales for a lovely camping trip with our beautiful family friends for the first time since lockdown. It was very refreshing to be surrounded by nature and the sea with lovely people. We had a wonderful time and came back feeling enriched in so many ways. However, when we came back home, we realised that we had been burgled. Luckily, there was not too much mess but we have lost lots of both sentimental and valuable things. I wanted to spread the awareness so people can be cautious if they are going on holiday. The police have informed us that burglars have been unable to break into houses for a while because of lockdown and now some people are starting to go on holiday again, burglars are taking advantage and looking for empty houses so that more cases are being raised. It has been a long time facing this pandemic and this unsure time makes many of us feel unsettled so we need to be more cautious... They have recommended that people install cameras so that they can alert the police of any strange activity while they are on holiday.

The Police are being amazing and helpful including for my children and how they have been emotionally affected. We are getting strong support and are so grateful for this.

My family and I have all experienced sadness but we could find many positives from this situation.

We appreciate that we are all safe and fine now and nobody was hurt by this.

I have learned so much about this how we need to be more careful.

Our friends and neighbours are being incredibly supportive and I feel that we have become closer to them as a result.

I feel so warm and loved and have learned the importance of looking out for each other. It was a gift and great experience in a way, I guess. Please take care everyone and make sure you ask for help when you need it. By calling out, you can truly find how much you are loved.








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