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11.8.2020. On my beloved Mother's Birthday.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I have a super Mum who can do everything flawlessly. She is perfect as any mother could possibly be.

She has been amazing since we were little and was always there for my sister, brother and me. She cooks amazing meals for everyone all the time, keeps the house beautifully immaculate and dressed us stylishly from a young age. She let us learn ballet, music, arts and craft, language and whatever else we were interested in and found a way to give us all opportunities. We had lovely holiday experiences every year even it was little bit too over budget; she convinced my dad by saying experiences and memories are so important and something you cannot buy off after.

She was certainly right as all of these incredible childhood experiences inspired us to be the people we are today. Now I am a mum and fully realise how lucky we were in the way that we were raised with care and love. We received so many education and learning opportunities too which I will forever be grateful for. I want to thank her sincerely for her dedication to our family. One day I would like to be like her and show my appreciation in the most effective way possible to make her happy as she made me.

My children often say that they wish they could see their brilliant Grandma more often. She is always so lovely and kind, spoiling them beyond belief. I think that this is one of the downsides of us living in the UK, that they cannot see my half of the family as often as they would like to.

On top of this, at the moment, we unfortunately are unable to visit her due to Covid. So I send reiki instead for her birthday, to wish her healthy and happy days until we meet again!




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