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Raison D'être 存在意義 & Purpose of Life

After these long second and third lockdowns since last winter in UK, it's already the end of spring.

I focus on what I am meant to do now.

I am very happy that I could visit my favourite retreat place in Glastonbury this spring again as an annual April tradition. There was a beautiful atmosphere, incredible views, great sunshine and clear winds which helped me to relax and give me great inspiration for the beginning of the new season.

Through these long lockdowns, we have unfortunately experienced many deaths and thought about the meaning of life; to find opportunity in diffculty, to do what we are meant to do and to face and deal with the uncertainty of ongoing problems with positivity.

I am deeply grateful that I could focus on the things I can control and see opportunity so i can become what I want to be.

I am delighted to be able to start this new chapter in my life using all of the wonderful experiences and inspirations.

I had to delay all of my healing and teaching in person during lockdown over a year but the time has given me lots of chances and lessons to practice which can influence for my work in the future.

A huge thanks to everyone who is patiently waiting for me to start healing and teaching in person, I am truly grateful for your patience and I am sure we will achieve more and better things because of this waiting time. I am really looking forward to meet you all in person soon.

Kotodama (Japanese traditional belief that there is a spirit/soul in every world we use. We believe the power of positive language and avoid using negative terms)

Ichigo-Ichie (Lean to make every moment a once in a life time experience. Open the door to attention, harmony with others, and love of life)

The law of attraction and positive mindset.

These are my recent inspirations and I am very happy to be able to establish my dream job by using all of these chances and opportunities. ARIGATO









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