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When I was a child, I was always wondered about the meaning of life and what happens after death.

Whenever I drove pass this particular beach in Beppu (my home town), I had the same thought again and again and feared it. I thought 'When I die and my body disappears, will everyone forget about me??? That would be too sad...and what is the point of life?'

I don't know when but by my late teens, I think I naturally stopped thinking about it. And I now realise that I could grow up as a very positive individual and this is my treasure. It's all up to my amazing parents, grand parents and family so I am ever so grateful for their care.

When my birthday comes around with beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, I am always grateful to be able to add one more year to my age. Now that I am older, I have had more experience of the death of those close to me and have come closer to understanding how we can bounce back from devastating incidences like these.

The death I feared when I was young, changed shape when my dad got seriously ill and passed away.

It is still very hard when I start thinking about things that I couldn't do for him and my mum when he was having a tough time, but I feel warm when I realise that my dad still taught me, inspired me and influenced me to become who I am today. He is still very much a part of my life and can influence the most important things in life for me and my family.

Till then, I was a very down-to-earth person who didn't believe in anything spiritual that I couldn't see with my own eyes. But everyone who matters to me and has gone to the spiritual world before me, are teaching me the importance of something you cannot see, the importance of imagination, the importance of creativity and the importance of history which I am sure I used to have as a child. The importance of Curiosity!!

When I study Gendai Reiki, I learn that we are all born with a given longevity (life-span), and that it is something nobody can change no matter how deeply you understand and use Reiki to heal to yourself or your loved ones.

When we see people leaving this world far too early, we are overcome with the wonder of WHY? But if we are all born with longevity, and we will all go back to spiritual world when our purpose is fulfilled. I think that to overcome these tragic instances, we cannot fight it and so must accept that these people have moved on to fulfil next purpose.

When we meet a natural, a calm, a beautiful and a peaceful death after a fulfilled long life, we think that will be my dream and aim, but still feel lost, sad and lonely because I cannot see the fantastic individual any more.

One thing that I have become sure of, is that your soul never dies.

Even if your life in this world ends and your body disappears, you will remain in the hearts of those around you. It shows how beautiful, magical and spiritual our lives are.

When someone dies, all we can think about is how we wish they were still here, and we think of what we could have done for them more. Although it sometimes seems impossible, we must concentrate on living our own lives to the fullest, as they would have wanted and they still want for us, just from a distance.
















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