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It has been 15 years since I became parent, I became a childminder 12 years ago, and now I am starting a new business as an adult who supports children and adults alike.

I have discovered one thing for sure, through meeting and caring for more than 100 children in person during the last 15 years as well as watching my two girls who seem to growing too fast but are blossoming so much already. This really shows the importance of care with praise.

This is the same for adults, but younger children can give us pure simple reaction for Praise as they do not question everything in the same way adults do. This makes adults remember the magical feeling we all used to have.

As adults, we want children to become the next generation of people who can care for our world that we have created. We want for them to have good health physically and mentally, be happy and develop a natural confidence that can carry them through their lives. To spend time finding and doing what they love most and living for their true passions.

Above all, I wish for them to be aware of lots of wonderful meetings and be grateful for what they have with cheerfulness and courage.

So let's raise our children in a world full of praise. Let children know how great they are and hope that they can keep remember that. As children, they have full of opportunity and confidence that they can do anything they want and we should encourage this as a matter or huge urgency.

I have found that spending time with these children, it has reminded me of the ways I used to think and see the world, and wonder why this changes so drastically over time. We shouldn't loose this kind of outlook and we certainly should discourage our children from it.

Ultimately, this is down to our own self care as we need to be in the right mind set to raise our children in this way. How can we be expected to look after others if we can't look after ourselves?

So I implore you to take some time for self care and see the world through a child's eyes, full of possibility and wonder.









そして”WELL DONE(大変よくできました)”を口癖にしてみよう。自分にも縁ある周りの人たちにも。。。

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