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明治天皇御製 Poems by the Emperor Meiji

Usui Mikao-sensei (contemporary of the Emperor Meiji and founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho) introduced us to the Japanese natural healing method that teaches us to develop our ability to become receptors of subtle energies for the benefit of mankind. He wished to put the potential for holistic healing within reach of everyone.

The Emperor Meiji wrote more than 100,000 verses about the vibrations of gestures, breath glances and forms of healing compositions. Usui-sensai chose these 125 as being especially beautiful, effective and inspiring for the path to an ethical life. They are important teachings to further ones physical and spiritual life.

It's from this perspective that we can approach the selection made by Usui Reiki Ryoho's founder. These verses are conceived by an honest soul that loves beauty. Through its expression, it guides us to an entire society immersed in an era of dramatic changes toward a life in which the serene principles of Ethical Consciousness are upheld as a vehicle for relations among human beings.

The Meiji Emperor was called the incarnation of the Sun, an upstanding spirit. He was a lyric poet of extraordinary sensibility and his words haved the stamp of the divine. The Emperor Meiji's poems are sources of light that cleanse and purify, offering guidelines to behaviour for achieving happiness and balance. His words are heal the spirit and both hearing them and reciting them is beneficial. As Usui-sensei himself once said, "if the mind is healed, the body becomes naturally healthy."

I would love to share these poems from time to time.





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